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Marketing Data Software

Our web-based Recommendation Engine helps create a personalized experience for your visitors. Our software can help drive web traffic and repeat visits, increase conversion rates, differentiate you from your competitors, and help you discover information about your audience in a new way. Get the data you need to develop a targeted, more effective marketing, product development and online strategy.

Marketing Data Science

Our Data Science process helps you discover what your audience is thinking. Gain insight into consumer behavior in your industry, identify important conversations, and discover consumer buying patterns and trends. Using crowd science, social data mining, and behavioral analysis, we can help provide you with unique insight into your existing customers and help you discover what new prospects want.

Marketing Data Strategy

Do you know what your data should be telling you? Do you know what key metrics you should be watching? Do you know what your competitors are doing? Using internal and external data we can help you create a better product development and marketing strategy, improve both offline and online usability, and increase conversions, to drive growth and create more qualified prospects.

Integrated Marketing

Need a little help with the HOW? Through our sister company INGAUGE IM we can help you create and execute an effective data-driven marketing strategy, designed to drive web traffic, increase conversions, and engage your audience. INGAUGE IM specializes in developing content-focused websites, online learning and membership sites, author platforms, and optimizing e-commerce. Using digital marketing tools we can help engage your audience. Learn More

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